Tyee Competitive

Tyee offers many options depending on the commitment and skill level of your competitive athlete. We recommend an assessment and meeting with the head coach before registering your swimmer. 

Tyee Sophomore

The Tyee Sophomore Group is ideal for newly competitive athletes 12 and Under who are looking to build their stroke technique and endurance and be introduced to racing at regional level competitions. We recommend that Sophomores train at least 3 times a week and are offered 6 practices a week to adjust to their schedule. 

Tyee Junior

The Tyee Junior Group is the next step in a regional level athlete's development and is the ideal spot for swimmers 13 - 16 years old who are making their way into provincial and national level meets. There are 6 practices, 2 dryland sessions and a yoga session offered for the Junior level athletes and we ask that they attend at least 5 times a week. 

Tyee Senior

The Tyee Senior Group is the top tier in our competitive stream and is focussed on athletes attending provincial and national level competitions. There is a greater attendance and training demand on these athletes because of these goals and attendance at selected meets is required. There are 7 practices, 2 dryland sessions and a yoga session for these athletes. 

T - League

Here at Tyee we are committed to offering a program for every level of athlete. If one of the above groups doesn't seem the right fit for your athlete we offer T-League which is a competitive group with a lower commitment level. Practices are offered 4 times a week and athletes can choose what practices they attend each week. 

Programs in Sooke 

Tyee also offers competitive and pre competitive programs at Seaparc Leisure Center in Sooke, BC. Schedules and group information can be provide by Sooke lead coach - Marissa Nadin, marissanadin@gmail.com

Schedules for all of the groups can be found under 'Register Now -> Schedules'. 
For questions about fees please email the head coach - headcoach@tyeeaquaticclub.com

We ask that athletes and families stay in contact with their coach so that we know what practices the athletes will be attending and can adjust lesson plans and pool space accordingly.