About Us

Founded in 1998, the Tyee Aquatic Club offers a variety of programs designed to give swimmers the appropriate skills to develop their swimming talent.  Starting with the non-competitive Wavemakers, and continuing with pre-competitive and competitive programs, Tyee swimmers are progressively challenged to improve their skills at every level of the program, in a fun, supportive environment. The program has the intention of encouraging young people to enjoy swimming and fitness as a lifetime activity while at the same time producing competent swimmers who have learned the technical, fitness, mental and emotional skills necessary to reach their highest athletic potential. Swimmers are placed in learning/training groups according to age, competence, and commitment.

Tyee also offers programs for Masters swimmers, elementary school groups, swimmers with intellectual and physical disabilities, and ultimately competitive athletes achieving success at the highest levels of the sport.

Tyee runs programs out of three facilities in the greater Victoria area. For more information on these facilities and what we offer see our locations page. Tyee programs are structured to be consistent with the Long Term Athlete Development swimming strategy, developed by Swimming Canada. Tyee has a volunteer Board of Directors for governance and fiscal oversight; a well qualified and enthusiastic coaching staff who are constantly looking for more creative and fun ways to challenge our young swimmers; and a great group of supportive young athletes with aspirations to live up to our Tyee motto: swimming is for life!

For more information about the Tyee Aquatic Club, please contact Tyee's Head Coach, Breah Dunn.