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This is a flexible, non-competitive program designed for "semi-retired" competitive swimmers who reached at least a Swim BC AAA level and remain committed to maintaining fitness.  Participants attend between two and four challenging practices weekly, where they swim with competitive swimmers in the AG group.  Youth Flex participants do not compete in swim meets.  Please contact Dexter at  to arrange for an assessment if you think this is the program for you.


Fees are divided into three types:  one-time fees, training fees and occasional fees.  

One-Time Fees

One-time fees consist of a Tyee Registration fee of $15 and a non-competitive Swimming Canada/Swim BC Registration fee of $40.  

Training Fees

Training fees are paid in 10 installments on the first day of October through to July and cover the full season, from start up in September through to the end of July.  Training fees are discounted by 10% for the second swimmer and 20% for each additional swimmer in the same family.  

Training Fees Youth Flex: 2016-2017
Group Training Fee
3-4 practices per week $134.19 per installment
2 practices per week $103.95 per installment

Occasional Fees

Occasional fees that are charged to swimmer's accounts include fees related to equipment.


Youth Flex participants train with competitive swimmers in the AG group.  They may select between two and four practices from the AG schedule (see schedule on the  Competitive page under the Tyee Programs button above).


This is a program for competent swimmers age 11 and above, who wish to participate in a structured swim training program that focuses on fitness and stroke improvement in a fun, sociable environment. Competition is not part of this program, however if the athlete decided over time that they wanted to get into a more competitive stream there are options available to transfer into those programs based on swimming ability.

  • The schedule is MondayWednesday, Friday from 5:30-7:00 pm. Swimmers have the option of registering for 1-3 practices/week.
  • You can registered for this program through Crystal Pool by phone, in person, or online. The fall session runs from Sept. 26th-Dec.16th, 2016. Spring Session runs from Jan. 2-March 17th, 2017.

This is a City of Victoria program delivered by qualified Tyee coaches. You may register at the Crystal Pool front desk.  Please see the more information about Crystal programs. 


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