Nicole bronze medalTyee's Para swim programs have been active at Crystal Pool since Tyee was founded in 1998. Our various programs enable Para swimmers to progress from learn-to-swim to elite swimming, including competing in Swim BC and Swimming Canada's (SNC) fully integrated regional, provincial and national competitions. Tyee swimmers have represented Victoria, BC, and Canada at all levels of competition, including Para World Championships, Para Pan Pacific Championships, and the Beijing Paralympics.

Para coaches modify their training methods to meet the needs of each athlete with a disability.  Individual one-on-one coaching isavailable where appropriate and Para swimmers may train with other Tyee programs where age and ability match.  A Tyee Para coach will assess each athlete to identify the appropriate training group.  Please email Coach Breah Dunn at to arrange for an assessment.


Para 1, 2 & 3: This once, twice or three times per week program is for entry level Para swimmers, and for Para swimmers lookingPara boys and Breah to maintain fitness.  The program emphasizes the basic stroke movements.

Competitive - 1Swimmers at this level have a high level of swim competency and fitness.  These swimmers participate in regional, provincial, national and even international meets, depending on achievement of entry standards.

Competitive - 2: Swimmers at this level are training to compete at the national and international levels.  To train at this level, swimmers must show a strong commitment to a comprehensive program that focuses on fitness, strength, and race preparation, and be able physically and mentally to thrive in this demanding environment.


Fees are divided into three types: one-time fees, training fees and occasional fees.  

One-Time Fees

One-time fees consist of a Tyee Registration fee of $15 for all Para swimmers and a Swimming Canada/Swim BC Registration fee that varies depending on the swimmer's age and whether they are in a competitive or non-competitive program.  

The Swimming Canada/Swim BC fee is collected by the Tyee Aquatic Club and remitted to Swim BC. It is a mandatory, non-refundable fee. The table below shows the total one-time fees for Para swimmers based on their age as of December 31, 2016 and their competitive status.

One-Time Fees Para Program: 2016-2017

Age as of Dec. 31, 2016 SNC/SwimBC Registration Fee Tyee Registration  Total One-Time Fee
8 and Under $82 $15 $97
9-10 $102 $15 $117
11-14 $148 $15 $163
15&Over $190 $15 $205
University-Varsity $53 $15 $68
Open-Varsity $137 $15 $152
Any Age $40 $15 $55

Training Fees

Training fees are paid in 10 installments on the first day of October through to July and cover the full competitive season, from start up in September through to the last week of August. 

Training Fees Para Program: 2016-2017

Group Training Fee
Para 1 $63 per installment
Para 2 $94.50 per installment
Para 3 $120.75 per installment
Para Competitive 1 $172.20 per installment
Para Competitive 2 $270.90 per installment

The October payment includes the first installment of training fees and the one-time fee applicable for the swimmer's age. Subsequent installments for November through to August include only the training fee.

Occasional Fees

Occasional fees that are charged to swimmer's accounts include fees related to swim meets, team travel, and equipment.


All practices for Para swimmers are held at Crystal Pool. Para programs start on Sept 26th, 2016 and continue to the last week of August 2017.

Training Schedule Para Program: 2016-2017

   Para 1, 2 & 3  Para Competitive 1 & 2
  5-7 pm 5-7 pm
Tuesday 1-3 pm 1-3 pm
  5-7 pm 5-7 pm
Thursday 1-3 pm 1-3 pm
  5-7 pm 5-7 pm
Sunday 9-10 am  8:30-10:30 am


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