Masters swimming is for adults who wish to train and improve strokes in a sociable and hard-working environment.  All practices are professionally coached and are suitable for a range of abilities, whether the goal is swimming for fitness, or training for triathlons and/or Masters swim competitions.

Swimmers join either the morning or the evening group.  Morning swims are long course (50 m) and evening swims are short course (25 m) at Crystal Pool. 


Morning Masters
Sept. 26th, 2016 - August 2017 (exact date TBD)

Evening Masters 
Sept. 26th, 2016 - May 26th, 2017

Monday 6:15-7:30 am 6-7 pm
Wednesday 6:15-7:30 am 6-7 pm
Friday 6:15-7:30 am 6-7 pm


Morning group - $675 for the season or 3 installments of $250
Evening group - $450 for the season or 2 installments of $250

Drop in - $10 per session


  • New season begins September 26th, 2016
  • Because we can only book so many lanes in the morning at Crystal, those morning practices do tend to be quite full and there may be a wait list depending on registration. However we want to accommodate as many athletes as possible so we will work to get everyone into their ideal schedule.
  • Please contact Jennika Efford for more information -


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