Juniors and Seniors

Tyee's Junior/Senior Programs

The Junior/Senior Program are competitive groups are delivered by Head Coach Dexter Bligh and designed for athletes who have shown competitive promise, are mentally disciplined, and have a desire to one day compete at the highest levels of the sport. Swimmers at this level are generally 12-14 years old for the Juniors,15 & Over for the Seniors, and have qualified for provincial level competitions.

Through his high-intensity, technically-minded training, Head Coach Dexter Bligh looks to holistically develop young athletes into formidable swimmers capable of performing under any circumstances. This level also sees the introduction of both yoga (as instructed by Jennika Efford) and weight training (as instructed by Wesley Wood). Swimmers compete at regional, provincial, national and international meets, appropriate to the competence and development level of each athlete.  Tyee also encourages its competitive swimmers to participate in open water events and trains regularly at Thetis Lake in July.  The level of training within this group is variable and based on individual needs, but minimum commitment expected is 6 sessions per week.

All competitive programs run through the full season, starting in September and finishing at the end of July.  Two one-week training camps are included with all competitive programs: one during the December break, and one during the second week of the March break.




Swimmers are assigned to a payment level according to the number of practices each week. Once assessed by a coach, swimmers are then assigned to a training group based on fitness, skill and competitive level.

T6: 6 sessions per week.   

T7: 7 sessions per week.

T9: 8 or 9 Sessions per week


Fees are divided into three types:  one-time fees, training fees and occasional fees.  

One-Time Fees

One-time fees consist of a Tyee Registration fee of $15 for all competitive swimmers and a Swimming Canada/Swim BC Registration fee that varies in amount depending on the swimmer's age.  The Swimming Canada/Swim BC fee is collected by the Tyee Aquatic Club and remitted to Swim BC.  It is a mandatory, non-refundable fee.  The table below shows the total one-time fees for competitive swimmers based on their age as of December 31, 2015.

One-Time Fees, Age-Group Competitive, 2015-2016

Age as of Dec. 31, 2015 SNC/SwimBC Registration Fee Tyee Registration  Total One-Time Fee
8 and Under $82 $15 $97
9-10 $102 $15 $117
11-14 $148 $15 $161
15&Over $190 $15 $205
University-Varsity $53 $15 $68
Open-Varsity $137 $15 $152

Training Fees

Training fees are paid in 10 installments on the first day of October through to July and cover the full competitive season, from start up in September through to the end of July.  Training fees for competitive programs are discounted by 20% for the second swimmer and 50% for each additional swimmer in the same family.  The one-time fee applicable for the swimmer's age is due with the training fee payment for October or the first month that the swimmer joins during the 2015-2016 season.  Subsequent installments include only the training fee.

Training Fees, Age-Group Competitive, 2015-2016
Group Training Fee
$199.31 per installment
$233.73 per installment
T9 $295.74 per installment

Occasional Fees

Occasional fees that are charged to swimmer's accounts include fees related to swim meets, team travel, and equipment.


All practices for Age Group and National competitive programs are held at Crystal Pool.  Competitive programs begin on September 26, 2016 and continue to the end of July, 2017.

Please email Dexter Bligh for specifics on the training schedule at headcoach@tyeeaquaticclub.com

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