Competitive and Masters

Please note the following suggestions from people who have used this platform:

  • Do not use the back browser button to try to edit, you will lose what you have entered.
  • The system times out in after 15 minutes.
  • You will need your BC Health number and the date of your swimmer(s)' last tetanus shot.
If you have questions about the which program to enter your swimmer, please email:

1) For information about Tyee programs in general and athletes interested in competitive training please contact Head Coach Dexter Bligh at

2) For information about programs for swimmers 12 years and younger, as well as any questions about registration or your account please contact Assistant Head Coach Jennika Efford at

3) For information about Para programs please contact Coach Breah Dunn at

Wavemakers, Tyee Swim Skills, Youth Swim and Fitness

Registration will be opening at Crystal Pool and Esquimalt Rec Centre in August. More info to come!

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