What You Need

One of the great things about swimming is that you do not need a lot of equipment to enjoy the sport.

Non-Competitive:  We suggest a training suit made of chlorine-resistant polyester - such as the Speedo Endurance.  They are slightly more expensive, but last much longer.  Many swimmers also benefit from a well-fitting pair of goggles.

Competitive: Competitive swimmers use a variety of equipment during their training sessions.  Basic equipment (kick board, pull buoy and limited fins) is available at the Crystal Pool.  As swimmers advance, they may need or want to have some of their own equipment.  The type of equipment used includes snorkels, fins, flutter boards, paddles and pull buoys and a mesh bag to keep it all together.  Coaches will let swimmers know what equipment, if any, they need to purchase.

Tyee Discount with Team Aquatic Supplies

Tyee Aquatic Club members can order equipment through Team Aquatic Supplies by directly accessing our Team Page which can be found at the following link ( ) .   Please ensure you include our Team Coupon Code (TYE080) which is listed on the Team Page when submitting your order to ensure you receive our team discount.  Orders receive the standard 20% discount on any items offered (excluding promotional and sale items).  For gear such as goggles, fins, suits and backpacks, you can order directly through Team Aquatic Supplies at the website listed above using the following login information for delivery right to your door.    Note that team page is under construction as we will soon list standard equipment required for each group level.

Tyee Apparel

To order Tyee apparel, please complete the order form here and send the form to  Order deadline is March 16th  and the anticipated delivery date will be late March.

As always, Tyee swim caps are available and in stock at Crystal Pool year round.  If you wish to purchase caps, please e-mail and we will arrange for your account to be billed (caps are $15 each) and will deliver your cap to you pool side.

Should you have any questions about order times, sizing or other apparel/equipment details, please contact either Janice Mickelberry or Natalie Peters at

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