School Programs

This is the 18th season that Tyee has run the Tyee Elementary Schools Swim League (TESSL), in partnership with several Victoria schools.

Tyee coaches use games and creative activities to keep the atmosphere fun, while maintaining high standards of instruction. There's a level for just about every swimmer in this program.

Specific information about the 2016-2017 season will be emailed to school coordinators early September. If your school is interested in more information about the Tyee School Program, please contact School Program Coordinator, Jennika Efford


Swimmers are assessed and assigned to one of the following four groups.on the blocks

 Junior Wavemaker

  • Minimum age 3
  • Swimmers must be able to submerge head
  • classes are limited to 6 swimmers/coach


  • Swimmers need to be able to retrieve an object from 1.5m depth and a 3m distance. They also should be able to flutter kick on their back
  • Classes limited to 9 swimmers/coach

 Swim Skills (TSS)

  • Swim with consistent technique for 100m
  • Swim underwater for 10m
  • Swimmers can use flutter kick and dolphin kick for propulsion
  • Classes will have up to 12 swimmers/coach

 Swim Club (TSC)

  • Swim freestyle and backstroke with basic technique for 300m
  • Swimmers can use basic dolphin and breaststroke kick for propulsion
  • Swimmers understand how to use the pace clock
  • Swimmers know the basics of a flip turn


The School Program runs from 3:30 to 4:15 p.m. every day of the week.  Exact schedule for each school will be updated early September.

Monday Christ Church Cathedral
Tuesday Doncaster, Selkirk, Cloverdale
Wednesday Oaklands and George Jay
Thursday Quadra and Sir James Douglas
Friday Margaret Jenkins



The program is offered in three sessions each school year. The number of weeks and exact start dates for each session may differ for each school.

  1. October to December
  2. January to March
  3. April to June


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