Why Swim


Why Swim - A Message from our founder, Neil Harvey

Competitive sport changes our children… for the better.  It changes them into people they could likely never be without the valuable lessons sport provides.

A well-developed competitive sport program enables kids who have a drive for success to explore, test, and exceed their limits.  It teaches the art of time-management, goal-setting, perseverance, team-work, self reliance, dealing with failure, dealing with success, self image, work ethic, self-limits, perspective, and more. 

How did you feel on the day you first rode your bicycle across the yard?  Woohoo!! What about your first baseball hit?  Yeah!!  Perhaps you were instrumental in helping someone else achieve these things.  Every time we achieve an important first event, a significant milestone, a higher performance level, or even our first win, we grow inside.  Every time we face a challenge that may have seemed, at first, too difficult for us ... we grow.

You may ask, how can a high school student spend all week at school, get all their work done and still have time to train for another 10-20 hours in that same week?  Most kids see this as impossible.  Some see it as a challenge to be confronted and overcome.  Many of these latter young people will achieve great things in this environment and beyond.

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