Training Fees

Competitive programs: training fees for are charged on an annual basis.  Many members select the option to pay this fee in ten instalments.  Online payments through Active Networks or post-dated cheques must be provided for the first of each month starting October 1 and ending July 1.  Swimmers who move training groups during the season must adjust their payment accordingly.  New swimmers can join at any time during the season and the training fees will be pro-rated.  

Non-competitive programs: lesson fees for  are charged on a sessional basis.

Additional Fees/Charges

Charges paid by the Tyee Aquatic Club on behalf of a member will be charged to the member’s account.  These charges include swim meet entry fees, equipment fees, team travel and other charges.  Statements will be distributed monthly by email.   

Please note that your account will be billed for swim meet entry fees when your swimmer enters a meet.  If your swimmer scratches from the entire meet or selected events after the “no charge scratch deadline”, the club will still be billed for the entry fees and, therefore, your account will be billed.  Generally, host clubs will only refund meet entry fees for scratches received before the deadline or, in some cases, when a medical note is provided.  If the host club waives the entry fees for the swimmer (e.g., due to illness with medical note), there is no cost to Tyee and the swimmer’s account will not be charged.

Cheque Drop-Off Box

For your convenience, a locked box is available for dropping off payments at the Crystal Pool.  Chequesshould be placed in a sealed envelope indicating the swimmer’s name and the reason for the payment.

Overdue Accounts

Account statements showing charges are issued each month.  Statements will be emailed to the email account given during registration (please keep your records up-to-date).

Accounts are due and payable within 30 days of the date of the statement.

When an account is overdue by more than 30 days (i.e., more than 60 days from the date of the statement):

  1. the family will be reminded of the overdue account and given 14 days to settle the account;
  2. during this 14 days, all equipment purchases and team travel will require pre-payment.

If the account is not paid in full at the end of the 14 day period, the swimmer will not be allowed to participate in training or competitions until the account is paid in full.   

Outstanding Balance

Any member with an outstanding balance from the previous season must pay this balance in full before registration for the present season can be completed.

NSF Cheques

A fee of $30 will be applied for NSF cheques.

Family Discounts

Discounts on training and lesson fees are applied to families with more than one swimmer registered in a Tyee program.  In non-competitive programs, the 2nd swimmer is charged at 90% of the full rate and the third is charged at 80% of the full rate.  In competitive programs, the 2ndswimmer is charged at 80% of the full rate, and the third swimmer is charged at 50%.  The first swimmer in a family is always the swimmer in the highest cost group.  Discounts do not apply to one-time fees (registration and Swim BC fees). 

Withdrawals and Refunds

Competitive swimmers must notify their coach as soon as possible if they decide to withdraw from the program.  Written notice must also be provided to admin@tyeeaquaticclub.com.  The swimmer’s withdrawal will be effective at the end of the month in which written notice is received.  Any outstanding family accounts must be paid in full before post-dated cheques are returned to the member.  There is no refund for non-competitive swimmers who do not complete their session, except in cases of extended illness with a medical note.


Competitive program fees are based on an annual fee that is divided into nine instalments for ease of payment.  Refunds are not provided if a swimmer misses training due to vacation or a short-term illness.  Refunds for extended illness (30 days or more) will be considered with a medical note.

Pre-Payment of Team Travel

Families of swimmers who are travelling with the team to a swim meet may be provided with a cost estimate prior to the event.  The estimated amount should be deposited into their family accounts BEFORE the swimmer attends the meet.  Families are responsible for keeping their account current and up-to-date at all times.

Team Travel

Team travel will be offered to swimmers over the age of 11 for out-of-town swim meets, depending on availability of chaperones and sufficient number of swimmers.